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Story behind your handle?


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Whenever I check this site out, I always find myself wondering what the heck the significance is behind your names.

Some are pretty obvious like Major Harris is obviously a huge WVU fan, MissU28 is about Mr. Green, and RonJeremy obviously likes porn :jk:

Some dont make any sense, and im kinda curious. A few that come to mind are Chomerics, Unsonny, TK (especially when he had the IV III II or whatever), and a few others.

I just figured Id see if anyone else cared to share.

I can start, mines pretty obvious and born out of frustration. I joined this site at the end of the 2003 season when George Edwards was the D coordinator under SOS. We finished the season ranked 25th in total defense, down from 5th the year before. I remember watching games and yelling at my TV b/c the Skins didnt blitz at all and got ZERO pressure. Opposing teams' QBs would just sit back and pick them apart and I would get so frustrated. Ive always thought that effective D's are ones that can pressure the QB into making mistakes. My roommates would laugh because before EVERY defensive snap I would yell "Please BLITZ" at the TV until I lost my voice, but they never listened. So there is my name.

PS, i REALLY like Gregg Williams as our D coordinator. His first ever play in practice here, when he sent all 11 players on a blitz, I got a little choked up.

Anyone else care to share?

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I used to live in Upstate NY, hence NYS; I'm a Redskins fan, hence Skins; and AOL wouldn't let me use NYSkins, hence 1. NYSkins1 has been my screen name for everything since I was eleven*.

*Except for stupid college app sites that give you a screen name and password...Curse you, Texas!

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Mine is easy Hall of Fame 44.

Some I'd like to know.




PSUHeckler, I get the PSU, but why Heckler?


I'm sure I'll think of some other. I'll edit them in.

I assume IgnatiusJ is referring to one of the most slothful but hilarious literary characters ever, Ignatius J. Reilly from A Confederacy of Dunces. It's a great, laugh out loud book so pick it up.

I think my username is easy to figure out.

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...and RonJeremy obviously likes porn :jk:

I do but there are other reasons. Ron Jeremy represents why America is the greatest country in the world...where else could a big, fat, ugly, hairy guy sleep with lots of beautful women and get paid for it??

That's all the reasons I feel like discussing right now... :paranoid:

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