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It is only Monday and the suspense is killing me!


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Am I the only one that wishes it was already next weekend? I am tempted to ignore most of the football press this week so that the game will be a "surprise" and the week will go by faster. Just the sheer enormity of the game - Playoffs, no playoffs - is on the top of everyone's mind, and everyone's tongue (or fingers, from their posting). Heck, I can't even get away from it at work! One game at a time, though...

But, in a way, I am delighting in much of this: For once in a long time, the team is on the verge of something beyond just wishing for an improved record, or a good draft pick. It is on the verge of a Gibbs-inspired playoff run...

But that gets back to my original thought on this post - one game at a time, but it is killing me!

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Nope you are not alone on this by far...I cant wait at all...This week will replace the last two as the longest weeks of my life..... work will drag by all week long... the nights will be long... i will be ready to explode by Sunday....

Lets just put it this way.. when the ball drops i will be counting down... not for the new year... but for Sunday to finally arrive......

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