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Parcells demurs to question about retirement at presser today (12/26)


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The irrepressible North Texas media pressed Mr. Man Boobs about the issue of his retirement again. He responded by stating that he was not saying anything about it because he didn't want the issue to become a distraction to his team. He continued to repeat that when the journalists pursued their inquiry on Parcells' future plans for donning his Speedos on South Beach.

It's hard to read anything into a no-comment response, but Parcells could've easily and affirmatively said that he was staying. This would've been good for his team from the standpoint of immediate stability this week (i.e., not playing for a lame duck coach) and in the future with respect to free agents considering leaving the team or those who'd want to talk to the 'Boys about coming to Valley Ranch. I think if the 'Boys don't make the playoffs, the guy might be gone.

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Mr. Manboobs!!! LMAO!!!

When he was married it kinda makes you wonder who was sucking who's titties?

Nevermind, I don't wana even have that thought in my head. :yuck:

Johnny, you ****! This horrible thought has invaded my mental rolodex for the last few minutes...and that's a few minutes too long! :laugh:

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