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Gibbs Record in Games to Clinch Playoff Berth?


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Does anyone know how to find this out?

I looked in Tandler's "Gut Check", which has a write-up on every Gibbs game, but couldn't make a determination.

Generally, those wins that gave them the division title are identified, but not the ones that simply sewed up a playoff berth (or where they failed to get it done).

It would be interesting to know his record in playoff berth determining games, seeing how we've got one coming up on Sunday. :D


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I'm going to give this a shot but I'm going from mostly memory here so don't hold me to these.

1981 Not alive for the playoffs

1982 Could clinch a playoff spot with a win over the Giants at RFK

Redskins win 15-14 (1-0)

1983 They were so far in front and that I have no idea when they actually clinched a spot but seeing as their last loss was at mid season, they won the game that would have clinched a playoff spot. It was probably in week 11 or 12. So he's now 2-0

1984 I think we clinched a wildcard after beating the Cowboys in Dallas in week 15. 3-0

1985 They did not control their own destiny at the end of the season. They needed help and didn't get it, but if you want to consider the last game that year in St. Louis as a "must win or go home" you could because we needed to win that game on Saturday and then wait until Sunday and have the Niners lose to Dallas for us to get in. So 4-0.

1986 They clinched a spot with a win in St. Louis. 5-0.

1987 Clinched a playoff spot (and the division I believe) on the same day again in St. Louis. 6-0.

1988 Never in contention.

1989 Again like 1985 they failed to make it with a 10-6 record but finished strong. They were alive in week 15 and had to beat Atlanta to stay alive and they did, but the Rams won their game too and that eliminated us. So if you want to include that game you could. 7-0.

1990 Clinched a wildcard with a win in New England. 8-0

1991 I believe we could have clinched a wildcard when we played Dallas at RFK and lost. We clinched the next week in LA. So I'll put it as a 1-1 9-1 overall.

1992 Our only choke job. Could have clinched a spot by winning in Philly in Week 15 and we lost. Then we gagged at home at RFK against the Raiders. We controlled our own destiny and blew it big time. Luckily the Vikes beat the Packers a day later and we backed into the playoffs. So 0-2 in 92 for a total of 9-3.

2004 Not alive at any point.

So by my count (which like I said could be off), in games where we could clinch a playoff birth (or at least stay alive) by simply winning the game, Joe Gibbs' Redskins are 9-3.

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In 1991, we actually clinched a playoff spot against Pittsburgh, with a 41-14 win to get us to 11-0

Had we beaten Dallas the following week, that would have clinched the division

I stand corrected.

You are 100% right.

They clinched a wildcard in Pittsburgh.

Failed to clinched the division against Dallas.

Clinched the division in LA.

Clinched home field in Arizona.

So instead of 9-3 he's 9-2. :cheers:

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4 - 0 this year....i'd say so....

Looking at 5-1 in the division and 10-2 in the conference as well. Its extremely odd that the AFC west got lucky and literally stole all 4 of those close games. Imagine the Redskins finishing 14-2 this year and it was close to reality. Take away the BS 2 pointer against the Bucs and 15-1 was pretty close too.

Maybe next year the team will be good enough to win 2-3 more of those games whether the refs goof or not.

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