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Taylor Jacobs nickname


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:cuss: :wtf: :sucks: :sucks: :sucks: :sucks: :sucks: :sucks: :sucks: :sucks: :sucks: :sucks:

I think it is very stupid to hate on a redskin unless he has disrespected our franchise. Yes taylor has not been as good as advertised but so what he is a skin and im behind him til the end.. once he is not a skin then is the time to bash someone.. dont bash a skin!!!!

This is our favorite team guys!! these are our players.. your gonna bash one of your own players? how ****ing ridiculous

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Uh, a little disclaimer/explanation here. I started this thread mosly to goof on posters here, namely those who insist on starting a thread to give every single friggin' guy on the roster a nickname, and to make fun of homers who having been anointing Jacobs as the next Gary Clark ever since he got one good catch against the Vikings last year. I'm not trying to hate on anybody; I just find it ridiculous and somewhat annoying the way some people are so steadfast in their outrageous expectations of scrubs like they were with Skaggs a couple years ago, or now with Taylor Jacobs. I'll confess to being a big-time McCants apologist, but at least he did produce in games.

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