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Taylor Jacobs nickname


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Since some guys here think every Tom Dick and Harry on this team needs a nickname, I've come up with a few for Taylor Jacobs:

Wasted Pick

Maybe practice doesn't make perfect

Draft Bust

Overpriced and Available

Future Ourisman's Salesman of the Year

Ryan Leaf's favorite target

and my personal favorite:


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Sue Storm. He's invisible.

That's what I was thinking. Except I'd just call him The Invisible Man.

I still don't understand why all the hate when he's not even being thrown the ball. I could understand Rod Gardner hate since he affirmatively did something to screw up. But Jacobs just hasn't had the number of opportunities that he alone screwed up to be getting this kind of hate. =\

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Maybe we should start coming up with nicknames for posters who have nothing better to do than find the negative sides of our 4 game winning streaks. I'll start it off. For all of those who are so bored they have to take shots at a player on this team. "Wasted Bandwidth" How does that one sound?

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