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9. Washington (9-6). Not sure how, but they're going to be a handful for someone, probably Tampa Bay, in the playoffs.

b. Walt Coleman, you are my hero. You understand the definition of "indisputable visual evidence.'' If you missed it, Eli Manning threw a pass that deflected off Plaxico Burress into the diving grasp of Amani Toomer in the end zone. The officials on the field ruled a touchdown. It was very close, figuring whether Toomer actually caught the ball or trapped it in the end zone. It appeared -- and I stress, "appeared'' -- as though the ball may have hit the ground while Toomer was grabbing it. But there was no clear view that showed the ball certainly on the ground. And when the play was replayed, Coleman made the only call he could make -- touchdown. Had the back judge ruled no catch, Coleman could not have overturned it, because there would have been some doubt whether he caught the ball. Great call. Right call. (too bad it was the wrong call)

d. Great play by Chris Cooley, holding his block just long enough to fool the Giants and set up the option touchdown pass from Clinton Portis.

a. Are you kidding me, Plaxico Burress? That was a dagger in the heart of the Redskins you dropped in the end zone on the first play from scrimmage. (your Giants homerism showing :nono: )

7. I think this is how the first weekend of the playoffs look from my seat: Saturday, Jan. 7: Carolina at Tampa Bay, Jacksonville at New England (night). Sunday, Jan. 8: Pittsburgh at Cincinnati, Washington at the Giants. Those are four really interesting games. If I had my druthers, I'm at Steelers-Bengals.

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King doesn't have the Gints in the top 15

Don't know if he forgot, or thinks they're worse than the Falcons now

8. Giants (10-5) -- Tom Coughlin's done a good job with this team, obviously. But giving the ball to Tiki Barber 16 times on the ground and having Eli Manning throw it 41 times ... it wasn't one of Couglin's finest coaching days.

he never forgets his beloved Giants or Patroits

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i used to like peter queen. stupid ****ing giants homer......

NOT ONE WORD about santana moss burning your beloved midgets.

and, on top of that, he gives his offensive player of the week to ROETHLESWHATEVER????? for WHAT??? for pasting a browns team that didnt even show up?? for taking snaps in a game where his RBs ran the ball about 900 times???

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

Pittsburgh QB Ben Roethlisberger. Under the radar, the guy has had a great bounceback season after last year's postseason debacle. That continued Saturday. The first three times he took the ball in the antagonistic atmosphere of Cleveland Browns Stadium, he drove the Steelers 84 yards to a touchdown, 63 yards to a touchdown and 55 yards to a field goal. For the game, Big Ben was the ace game manager he needs to be: 13 of 20, 226 yards, one touchdown, no picks.

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Peter Kings fine 15.

The Fine Fifteen

1. Indianapolis (13-2). It'd be a good idea if the Colts play one good offensive half against Arizona on Sunday. It's been a while since they've been the Colts.

2. New England (9-5). Not to look ahead or anything, but that's a strange game next Sunday: Miami at New England. Assuming the Pats win tonight in the swamps of Jersey, a win over the Dolphins and a Cincinnati loss at Kansas City, which will be playing for something, means the Patriots would be the third seed and could avoid a trip to Indy on the divisional playoff weekend. 'Fins will be playing the game very hard, because Nick Saban will want to be over .500. With a wild-card game certain, playing for everything next week will mean New England won't have a player-resting buffer before the playoffs begin.

3. Seattle (13-2). Don't know what exactly that game meant against the Colts. It had a bit of third preseason game feel to it.

4. Denver (12-3). I wonder if Al Davis ever wishes he had given Mike Shanahan a better chance.

5. Pittsburgh (10-5). Against Chicago, Minnesota and Cleveland the last three weeks, the Steelers have allowed one touchdown and two field goals.

6. Cincinnati (11-4). Great, great playoff game likely for 1 p.m., Jan. 7, Paul Brown Stadium: Steelers at Bengals.

7. Chicago (11-4). Different team with Rex Grossman.

8. Giants (10-5) -- Tom Coughlin's done a good job with this team, obviously. But giving the ball to Tiki Barber 16 times on the ground and having Eli Manning throw it 41 times ... it wasn't one of Coughlin's finest coaching days.

9. San Diego (9-6). Don't ask me. Just don't ask me. I do not have the answers. I think the inconsistency here has something to do with the emotion the Chargers defense plays with. It was A-plus at Indy, B-plus at Kansas City. Still good, but not good enough to stop Larry Johnson.

10. Washington (9-6). Not sure how, but they're going to be a handful for someone, probably Tampa Bay, in the playoffs.

11. Tampa Bay (10-5). Chris Simms is 2-0 against Mike Vick this year. Interesting.

12. Carolina (10-5). Looks like the Panthers got robbed to me. In any case, what were you thinking, Steve Smith? What part of your brain says: "I think I'm going to grab this official around the waist?''

13. Jacksonville (11-4). David Garrard is proving that he should be a quarterback, a starting quarterback. And he's proving the Jags won't be hopeless in the playoffs without Byron Leftwich.

14. Kansas City (9-6). Don't ask me where to rank the Chiefs. I have no idea. Lucky 13's as good a spot as any, I guess.

15. (tie) Dallas (9-6). Impressive stat line of the weekend: Julius Jones, 34 carries, 194 yards.

15. (tie) Miami (8-7). Invisible stat line of the weekend: Ricky Williams, 26 carries, 172 yards.

15. (tie) Atlanta (8-7). Tsk-tsk, Jim Mora.

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I dont understand that, how is San Diego, a team who is eliminated from the playoffs, ahead of us? On most of his descriptions, he just says I dont know or dont ask me how. :doh:

Both teams have the same record, and the Bolts beat the Skins. I think it's fair.

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Well I have to give him credit for his switch to "there going to take Carlos Rodgers", while everyone else had us taking either Braylon Edwards/Mike Williams. Asides from that I'd have to say he's right again "we are going to be a handful" Teams must prepare for our un-predictability, are we going to kick your rear with Portis, Moss, or Cooley bowling over your Line Backers on the short route. Not to mention the unbeleviable pressure our D is going to bring on your Qb...

I hope there Qb can read the field quick or he'll be eating the dirt...

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San Diego is a playoff caliber team with the misfortune to play in both the best division and best conference in football. It of course doesn't help that they handed away the first game of the season by voluntarily benching one of their best players.

As the win against Indy demonstrated, they can beat anyone, anywhere. I'd agree that they're a better team than we are objectively speaking - not to say we couldn't beat them.

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