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Eagles lose to Arizona...have the Eagles packed it in?


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Oh what a difference a year makes. Can you believe it? Seems like so long ago...TO in pre-season, WB contract problems, the hernia, the pass-happy play calling, the lack of pass rush, bad move by a cheap FO (great salary cap management BTW)...what has happened to the Birds?

Next year, they will be a team to be concerned about if everyone heals...or is this the beginning of the downslide? Time will tell.

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They havn't packed it in.

Their simply taking knifes to gun fights every week right now. The guys on the field are giving their all, but for the most part, their practice squad players.

Looking forward to next season with games sitll going on is the worst. Its been a while since that was the case, I was begining to forget what it was like.

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