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Everyone be sure to send Smoot a 2006 Playoffs Postcard in the mail...


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Hmm well you guys know, those Vikings sure are better than the skins this year, its indisputable.

And our franchise? Never was as winning a one as the one in Minnesota. I mean the Vikings did win 3 superbowls in the 80's with coach Moe Dibbs.

You must not forget Viking's RB Don Higgins in 82. What a AMAZING guy he was. Busting through the arms of Don McNeal on 4th and 1 :D

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Do you think the guy would ever come back? We are the team that drafted him, and he was a fan favorite over here. I was at the Vikes vs Ravens game last night, and it seemed like Smoot barely played. I saw him on the field like once every 5 or 6 plays, or not even that. He isn't even starting over there.

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