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Clinton Portis is back?


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Is Clinton Portis back to his old self? As in Denver? I think hes there. With Randy Thomas, Jon Jansen, Casey Rabach, Derrick Dockery, and Chris Samuels looking like their blocking like a wall and Portis running like an animal, I think he is. I think he'll be a 1500+ Yards 10+ Touchdown Running Back next season or is that wishing to much?

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I don't think he'll ever match the TDs because of,

A) the pathetic AFC West defenses back then


B) the cheap method of blocking Denver's offensive line uses, which we do not

yea he can he has 9 tds, he didnt get a td until week 6 or 7. Now hes getting along with the o line. If he ran like this in the beginning of the season he would have 16-17 tds easily.

*and we took him out in 2nd half vs 49ers or he would have had 5 tds*

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