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Bandwagon jumpers, or just impartial?


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Don't get me wrong, I cuss out the analysts who pick against us. But what I'm wondering is if a team plays well, but doesn't quite seem to win the game (as the Redskins did for a stretch in the middle of the season), wouldn't an impartial observer look at that and say that maybe the team just can't win the close games against good opponents?

I looked at the schedule at the beginning of the year, and homer that I was I thought we had 12 wins easy. I can understand Redskins homers picking the Redskins every week, or almost every week. But someone who doesn't have and vested interest in our team has got to pick according to the teams track record, not how much they love the team.

I just wonder if people really think these analysts are bandwagon jumpers when they start picking us after we win a few games in a row. I look at it and say that our team finally emphatically put away a couple of good teams, and now analysts can start to feel safe picking us.

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Many teams that suck, suck becasuse they can't win the close ones and this inability often spans multiple seasons. For instance, in 2003, we were about 7-9 plays away from being a 12 win team, last year we were about 8 plays from winning 13. Even when a team is just losing close ones, you're more than likley to be right if you assume the trend will continue.

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