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Props to ES and Redskins.com


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I wanted to state my appreciation to those that maintain ES, and Redskins.com. The single best move IMO on Redskins.com is the posting of the player\coach interviews. This direct feed from player(s)\coach(es) reduces the distance between the fans and the team. I laugh now when I hear "interviews" on other radio stations...they are just playing what had already been posted to the web site. Kudos to all involved.

Bringing ES in under the umbrella is likewise another good move. We are a diverse tribe, and I am constantly amazed at the depth of talent, emotion and intellect amongst the fans. Playoffs here we come!

Thanks to all who contribute to their creation.


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I couldn't agree more. I'm always impressed by our excellent fan base. I often hear the announcers talk about how intelligent our fan base it, I can really see it more and more as I have more interaction with a greater number of 'skins fans. Now its great that the guys are giving us a product on the field that we can be proud of.

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