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November 12, 1990. Redskins fans must NEVER forget. Why?


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That was the date of the notorious "body bag" game on a Monday night in Philthydelphia's Veterans Stadium.

No fewer than 9 Redskins players left the field with injuries, some carted off. Included was starting QB Jeff Rutledge and backup QB Stan Humphries. Brian Mitchell ended up finishing the game at QB.

As far as I'm concerned, payback has been a long time coming.

I know Joe Gibbs remembers.

I hate the Eagles, their so-called City of Brotherly Love, and their totally obnoxious fan rabble.

I don't care if they are down. Stomp them and then bury them!


We havent forgotten 1990. We never will!

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Now there's a fan opinion I can get behind. This is the kind of thing that defines the NFC East, looooooong memories. I don't know that we need to specifically pay them back for that one but (and you knew there was gonna be a "but" right there didn't you?) just the storied history of NFC East matchups gives us all the reasons we need to put the boot on their neck. No quarter asked or given, EVER! Nice to see you post on this though, thanks for a lil Xmas afternoon treat, here, have a cookie.......

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I hope JG pops a tape of that game in for this team to watch.

2005 - all scores are settled

That score was already settled.

1/4/91 Redskins 20 Eagles 6

If we want to settle an old score in Philly how about 12/20/92 when the Eagles beat us 17-13. Both teams were 9-5 and the winner clinched a wildcard. We had the ball on the 5 yard line with seconds left but failed to score and the Eagles got in. We had to back in a week later.


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