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Let's hear it for the worst 3-0 team


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in NFL history. They had some untimely injuries in the game. That flukey double catch touchdown, a possible letdown because of the D sweep, but through it all they kept focus and did it. Congrats to the Skins and all of us fans.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

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Yup, they are awful just awful :laugh: :laugh: how about that awful team that kept Tiki in check most of the game he broke off that one long run but really wasn't much of factor. How about that awful team giving up only one touch down offensively on a fluke play. Yes, they are just terrible I tell ya :laugh:

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Not that any of you necessarily care much, but that whole "worst 3-0 team ever" stuff really ****ed me off when it was being said. Do I dug a little and came up with this.

In my not-so-humble opinion, the 2005 Redskins are NOT worse than...

1989 Bears started 4-0, ended 6-10

1987 Raiders started 3-0, ended 5-10

1986 Falcons started 4-0, ended 7-8-1

1981 Falcons started 3-0, ended 7-9

1980 49ers started 3-0, ended 6-10

1978 Bears started 3-0, ended 7-9

1976 Chargers started 3-0, ended 6-8

1972 Rams started 3-0, ended 6-7-1

1970 Broncos started 3-0, ended 5-8-1

(And this is by no means a complete list, it's just what I found in the 20 minutes or so I devoted to looking.)

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If you haven't noticed, the bandwagon is starting to fill up. NOW Vic Carruci seems to think the Skins are "as hot as any team in the NFC". Unreal. Last week he picks Dallas in a walk, this week the Skins are dominant. Sheesh. Fair weather bandwagon monkey's. Even Schlereth (he is so anti-skin, unless it is pro Schlereth that it makes me sick) flipped on his pick. Friday it's Giants, then all of a sudden, hmmmm, yeah, Burgundy and Gold. We are a scary team, and have been all year. Now all cylinders are firing, and it is a sight to behold. Hail!

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I think it got to a lot of us. Heck, after twelve games that was one of the quotes that stuck in my head and there were a lot of mediots proving their mediocity this season.

I'm glad we vindicated him. We certainly by far have proven ourselves to be the worst 3-0 team in history. The guy proved his prognostication and critical skills to be peerless. Or is that Priceless. Let's just say that in football terms he's Peerless Priceless.

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This is turning out to be a very special season for the Redskins and there fans.

-Sweeping Dallas, one back from the dead comeback and one blowout.

-Beating the Giants and keeping them from celebrating the NFC East Title at Fed Ex Field.

-Coming a back from 5-6 to being 9-6 and one win away from a wild card birth in the playoffs.

We have had a lot to cheer for in December when we are use to just playing out the string.

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