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This is a fitting stat to see as the season winds down. The four easiest schedules in the NFC this season (so far) belong to Seattle, Carolina, Chicago and Tampa (with another potential playoff team Minnesota the fifth easiest). The entire NFC East is in the top 5 most difficult along with San Francisco. Looks like any team coming out of the NFC East is going to be battle tested this season.

(through Saturday's games) Team; combined record of opponents; winning percentage of opponents:

1) San Francisco 128-96 (.566)

2) Washington 124-100 (.553)

3) Dallas 120-105 (.533)

4) Philadelphia 118-106 (.526)

5) New York 115-109 (.513)

6) New Orleans 112-108 (.509)

7) Green Bay 104-102 (.504)

8) Detroit 108-110 (.495)

9) St. Louis 108-116 (.482)

10) Atlanta 106-114 (.481)

11) Arizona 108-117 (.480)

12) Minnesota 98-109 (.473)

13) Tampa 102-118 (.463)

14) Chicago 95-112 (.458)

15) Carolina 99-121 (.450)

16) Seattle 98-127 (.435)

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:point2sky I think we are battle tested and when we get in the playoffs we are going tto make some teams feel bad. Remember we have already beat seattle and the bears. We would have beaten the bucs if it was't for a bad call. So lets watch the run we make in the playoffs.

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There is no team in the NFC the Redskins can't beat, get in the play offs and give it a run.

The Redskins are like an NCAA basketball team that got hot at the end of the year and won their conference tournament to get into the tournament. Nobody wants to play us in the 1st rd, that is a fact.

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