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Congrats from a Cowboy fan.


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I am glad that we won and thanks for the congrats, but we won't be seeing you in the playoffs unless they show you watching the playoffs from the cowboys houses.

If Atlanta beats Carolina next week (doable) and we beat St.Louis (very doable), we're in as the second wildcard.

It's a long shot, but hey, we're all alive in week 17.

I'd rather see this than the yearly domination by the Eagles.

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Yeah, last week you beat the snot out of us.

I don't really know what happened. I think we're evenly matched, we just played an awful game.

The skins are a better team than I thought though.

The funny thing is, Bubba told me that the Skins were going to win their last five and I said he was full of it. I told him that we were going to finish 10-6 most likely and he told me I was full of it.

Apparently we both know our own teams pretty well, just not the other team.

I'll take it though.

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lol and we see your Boyz just wont go away, wouldnt hurt my feelings if you guys beat out NY for the wildcard spot!!!!

I think they hold the Wildcard over us simply because of divisional record.

I'd love to see both Washington and Dallas make the playoffs as wildcards. All we need is Atlanta to beat Carolina, which can easily happen.

Washington vs. Dallas in the NFC championship game...two wildcards vying for a chance to get the snot knocked out of them by Indy.


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