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IF Brett Favre Returns Next Season, What should Green Bay do? (Poll)


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If Green Bay Packers Legend QB Brett Favre returns next year, what should the franchise do. Should they let a legend play as long as he wants, or look ahead to the future of the franchise and develop Rodgers?

Personally, Im kind of split but I lean towards letting Favre hang it up when he wants to. Hes a legend, and IS the reason for so much GB football success the past 10+ years. The ultimate sign of respect, imho, is to let him leave on his terms. Hes earned that much. Plus, I dont think hes the problem AT ALL in GB, but I suppose thats for another discussion.

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IMO, if you let Brett continue starting you just put off rebuilding another year. I know this would be tough because of the loyalty people feel for Brett but at the same time he needs to realize he has nothing left to give them and they won't make a run with him anymore. There are some people I know that think they could make a run with him next year when they get healthy. I could agree that they could get back to 8-8 or 9-7 with some spots filled and healthy guys coming back but they haven't been a serious SB threat for about 5 years.

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