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Dallas @ Skins Redux: More pics of the game


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Due to technical difficulties, I am late in getting mine and Die Hard's game pics posted.... here they are. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did taking them :)

Big props to evucci and skinsphoto who are both professional photographers and gave us both excellent advice and assistance in getting the pics from the game.

Here are the links to all the threads of the in-game pics we took:

Game Pics #1

Game Pics #2

Game Pics #3

Game Pics #4

Game Pics #5

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Who took the pic of Larry Allen? He looked like he was seriously pissed off. After that 2nd pic I would have walked rather briskly away from him. :laugh: :cheers:

That was Die Hard's pic, as was that awesome one of Bledsoe getting sacked. Most of the good ones were from Die Hard.... i had a setting off on the autofocus which made most of my pics blurry.

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I hate to bring up an old topic, but I just saw this. And I have two things to say.

1, in that one pick with Jansen and the short guy, he looks like he's going to fight him.

2) I think Sean Taylor wore that baggy long sleeve undershirt to make fun of Roy Williams and his love for the baggy long sleeve undershirt, cuase Roy Williams wears that every game the only reason is b/c he has no guns.

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