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Draft revisited


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Yeah, OK, I'll say it before you do. It's too soon to draw any conclusions. But four months after the fact this year's draft doesn't look like it's winning any prizes.

Ramsey might be a great quarterback someday or he may turn into a dud. But what we know today is that he forced Sage off the roster. None of us can know who would have been better in Spurrier's offense a year or two down the road. But a decision had to be made and Sage is gone. And Ramsey, by holding out has minimized his chances of making any impact this year. If DW performs, Ramsey could be gone before we ever see much of him.

Betts might be OK, but he can't show much behind this line and with the plays that have been called.

Bauman might be needed this year with Green's pinched nerve, but can he step up?

Russell is gone for the year, but even if he had remained healthy he's hardly needed with the crop of receivers we have.

Lott has shown me nothing. Twice he's had a chance to stop an opponent at the goal line and he's been run over both times. Ohalete shows a lot more.

Royal is the first guy that I really feel good about. And he was the sixth pick of the draft.

And of Coleman, Grau, Scott and Cartwright, maybe only Rock makes the team.

Meanwhile our NFC east buddies are sitting pretty with guys like Gurode, Williams, Shockey and Shepard. And those are just the guys who have made noise so far.

I don't like it.:cuss: :cuss: :cuss:

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In retrospect, not picking Gurode was the dumbest thing we could've possibly done. Sage would still be on the roster, and we wouldn't have had to give up whatever we did for Stai. I had mixed feelings about the Ramsey pick, but now it's nauseating.

Ramsey is like the red headed stepchild that nobody wants.

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I still say we could of come away with both Ramsey and gurode with some manuevering. Gurode was an early second pick. Who wouldn't (other than the skins front office) trade Bett's pick and one of Russell or the Bauman Pick to move up earlier in the second for Gurode.

Not to mention the guy who chicago supposedly likes over Gandy (who we tried to trade for) was their 3rd round pick (Metcalf). who we didn't look at either.

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The draft won't go down as one of the best of all times, but there are things to be considered:

It was the first draft of the Spurrier/Snyder era and without any evaluation of current players under Spurrier's system and Lewis's system, it is not as easy to determine what areas need to be addressed

Ramsey looked like a good draft choice at the time given the qb situation and he can turn out to be a good player, even though he might not be utilized this year

I expect to see a lot more input into next year's draft by Spurrier since the team will have been better evaluated after a season's worth of play and needs will become more apparent and better addressed

I personally hate when owners have so much emphasis on who is drafted over the coaches. Who sees the players everyday and knows the most about the teams needs? The coaches. Not to say there is not any communication between management and coaches, but when someone like Snyder really wants a player and Spurrier for the most part states that he does not want to do anything with the management part of the Skins, something is wrong and Spurrier needs to have more of a role, if not the leading role. And from what I have heard recently, he has been more involved than he led us to believe he wanted to be or would be, which is good.

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Yes, but as soon as Ramsey flashes that cannon arm and pinpoint accuracy, you'll be singing his praises and referring to him as the second coming of Brett Farve. Let's face it, how much of a gamble is it to draft a QB in the first round, #32 mind you and not top five, that has the arm....intelligence.....and potential as Ramsey. We may have a future franchise star on the roster, drafted with the last pick in the first round.

Yes .... his holdout hurt his potential to help us this year.... but we weren't going to go far throwing a rookie to the wolves anyway. Also, hindsight it 20/20. In April, we didn't know that Wueffrel and Rosenfels were going to show flashes of brilliance either. Although I think alot of Sage, I'm glad he was traded to a team in which he can potentially start. Plus, he's traded with a few weeks in preseason left and a chance to learn their offense.

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Originally posted by OrangeSkin

In retrospect, not picking Gurode was the dumbest thing we could've possibly done. Sage would still be on the roster, and we wouldn't have had to give up whatever we did for Stai. I had mixed feelings about the Ramsey pick, but now it's nauseating.

Ramsey is like the red headed stepchild that nobody wants.

I want him. I'll take him any day over Sage. I've never understood the fascination with Sage.

Sure, he's got that underdog way about him, with the name that's so odd that it's kinda cool. But, he hasn't done anything for the Redskins. Nothing. Why the devotion?

It can't even be chalked up to the Ramsey holdout, because people were saying the same things before that. Hell, people glommed onto him last year in preseason, when he didn't seem too impressive to me.

The guy was a project. The problem is that the team invested a lot more in another project. If SOS is able to turn Ramsey into a top-shelf QB, then the draft is a roaring success. By and large, Ramsey will be the measuring stick.

Others might pan out, too.

Betts hasn't stood out, but neither has Davis. I know we know what Davis can do, but if an All-Pro has displayed nothing, why would we expect more from a rookie?

Maybe Russell wasn't needed this year, but J. Green is essentially a one-year deal, and Russell can slide into his spot next year.

Bauman's looked pretty good to me. Wouldn't be surprised to see him get some nickel time.

I don't know if Lott has the size for safety, but I've seen him put some good hits on people.

Coleman, I believe, has shown promise. Scott is a development project. I don't know where Rock stands. Grau is gone.

Overall, we still need to wait and see. Exactly what was being said when the draft is over. At least the team is in the position to not really need their draft immediately. If a few of these guys pan out...

I sure don't rue passing over Gurode. I just don't see how a team can sink that much cap space into an O-Line. The approach of getting affordable interior help works for me. Provided competent players are acquired.

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