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If we played to Bob Golic's picks, we'd be 4-10. :laugh: :laugh:

This comment got me thinking so I went back and tabulated all the ESPN Expert's picks and the results surprised me.

It seems this board (and most NFL message boards) feels that nearly every expert is against their team. It is almost guaranteed that there is a thread on every team's ESPN message board that ESPN hates their team and is biased against them (yes, even the Cowboys and Patriots).

Well, surprisingly here are the results of the Experts picking the Redskins games. The first number is the number of times each expert picked us to win. The second number is how many times they picked us to lose.

Theismann: 12-3

Salisbury: 10-5

Hoge: 13-2

Jaworski: 9-6

Schlereth: 11-4

Allen: 9-6

Mortensen: 9-6

Golic: 6-9

So Golic is the only one that picked us to have a record worse than we actually have.

I had to do some real digging but I came up with Lenny P. and Peter King's picks as well. Both have us at 0-15. ;)

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