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Great Stat: Last Four Games, Redskins Plus 9 In Turnover Ratio.


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It apprears the 26 game problem has been fixed, the week the offense and defense starting practicing live takeaway drills against each other. That's when Coach Williams said "it was nice practicing against live meat on takeaway drills."

Which obviously allows the offense to practice against fumbles and takeaways.

Good Stuff.

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I said it before -- turnovers are the kind of thing that once a defense starts to generate them, they just keep coming. They couldn't get a turnover to save their lives in the first few games, but recently they've been generating TOs like they were going out of style. They had more in two weeks (8 against Dallas and AZ) than they had up until week 8 or 9 or something like that....crazy.

I think Griffin healthy is the huge difference -- now we know who was responsible for our great defense last year!

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