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Question for all....


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I just finished the updates to the Hogfest 2002 website.... You know Ill be there for the 4th year running.

For those of you unfamiliar with Hogfest, please check out this website:


Its a *non-profit* tailgating event for Skins fans from across the country AT A SKINS GAME who have met via messageboards like this one. There are those who have been chatting together since 1995 on the old washington post board who met for the first time face-to-face since in 1999... and have been getting together every year since. Extremeskins.com has been supporting Hogfest since 2000 and many members have met for a beer, food, fun and, most importantly, a HOME GAME of our favorite team.

I highly recommend it as a GREAT time for all who attend.

So, if you've always wanted to come to a Skins game, and want to meet some familiar personalities there before the game for tailgating, this is the perfect opportunity.

Check it out.

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Dont worry man, well get people interested. They just havent heard how great of a time it is.... plus the threads have moved pretty fast the past couple days.

Hogfest has been my favorite Skins game every year... we have yet to lose during a Hogfest :)

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I'm in. I just registered today and I just finished making flight reservations. I wouldn't miss this one for anything :D

Come on folks... this is a great opportunity. Spurrier. The Rams. Homegame. A HUGE tailgate party with people YOU KNOW!!! Let's make THIS YEAR THE YEAR! I would love to meet everybody... and this is probably the best opportunity... so make an effort.

I think Art mentioned he's coming this year as well.

Hey Romo sits to pee... SouthWest Airlines has fares for flights out of Buffalo for $100US round trip. It doesn't get any better than that. One hour flight each way! Let's hook up.

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Originally posted by TXfbluvr

Is it easy to get a room at this hotel? I am really considering this.

Please do. I really can't imagine a better opportunity for any Skins fan.. especially those from out of town.

It's not like you're watching the Skins against the Bungles. It's the Rams. FedEx is going to be rocking!!! And what's a football without the whole tailgating experience? Better yet... enjoying the tailgate with people a bunch of people you know who are diehard Skins fans!!

Honestly, if you ever wanted to make the trip to Washington and watch a home game... THIS is your best chance to have everything in place to make the whole experience the best possible one. Beer, food, friends, the Redskins.. and a really good football game. What else can anyone ask for? Let's do this.

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