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What states will the Redskins game be shown in?


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States the game will be shown in:

  • Today's game features the best team in football because they have a Manning, the New York Giants, and the somehow-they're-still-in-contention Washington Redskins.
  • Why is the booth, and all our cameras, shaking?
  • Well, the Giants seem to have had a few bad breaks, but don't worry, because with a Manning, they're always dangerous.
  • This Giant team is clearly superior, (have we mentioned 36-0 since the last commercial?), but they seem to be having an off day. But I'm certain they'll come back.
  • See! They scored! The rally is starting, folks.
  • Oh, well, if only they'd had some more time. (Like another 30 minutes).

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I feel your pain. :mad: I am in the small part of Iowa that is red.:dallasuck

OMG!....is this map true?...I'M IN THE BLUE!....I'M IN THE BLUE!!!! OH please God let it be true....Two weeks in a row a Skins game in my viewing area!!! YESSSS!!!!! oh thank you for posting this ling to the map...MY it only be true...:gaintsuck:gaintsuck:gaintsuck:gaintsuck:gaintsuck:gaintsuck:notworthy:notworthy:notworthy:notworthy

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