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OK, so last night we had our company Christmas party. We are a small (only about 15 people) Korean owned company. It was a dinner party at the CEO's house. Well, it turns out the CEO has his own Karaoke machine, and that wasthe main entertainment at the party (besides the wine). My Korean colleagues really enjoy Karaoke and view it as a bonding thing, so I was forced to participate (I cannot sing in tune, hit a key or otherwise do anything musical). Obviously they'd never heard me sing before :ahhhhh: or the memory of the pain as they ran from the room :movefast: with their ears bleeding would have prevented them from asking me to sing. Thank God there was plenty of wine. :koolaid: Well, I did it. I was amazed by the large selection of songs available (both in English and Korean). I was tempted to sing Du hast by Rammstein (that was actually an available option) but I sang Ob la di Ob la da by the Beatles and Who'll stop the rain by CCR. Thank god there were no videocameras present. :whew: Merry Christmas!


You haven't lived until you've heard your Korean CEO sing Take Me Home Country Road by John Denver. :laugh:

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