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13 Giants in Pro Bowl voting were selected . . .


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(5 as starters and 8 as alternates). Alternates included AP, Chad Morton and (get this) Eli!


That compares to our six Skins (2 starters and 4 alternates).

Somebody tell the Skins we got doubled up in the Pro Bowl voting!

Eli over Brunell? What the f**k!

Brunell has a better passer rating (85 v. 75) 2 less TDs, half the interceptions (8 v. 16), a better completion percentage (58.8% v. 52.6%), a better yards per catch average (14.56 ypp v. 12.79 ypp), and just 2 less TDs (20 v. 22).

What a crock!

No wonder Brunnell seemed miffed by the subject at his last press conference!

I hope Mark plays to make a statement!

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