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Interesting Change on Redskins.com Depth Chart


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I noticed that James Thrash is now listed as a starting wideout while Taylor Jacobs has been demoted to a back up role.

Obviously its nothing official, but with Thrash not being on the 1st injury report of the week, he could be starting in his return.

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Thrash is easily our second best WR right now...

What a sobering thought! And I LOVE JT - REALLY I do. I'm not knocking him at all. But, at this stage of his career, if he's your 2nd best WR then you are thin at the position.

I think the 'Skins are one intermediate-to-deep WR threat away from having a much more explosive offense. That would enable them to show a lot more combinations of routes at any D. Right now, if Moss runs a deep route, everybody in the stadium knows where a downfield throw is going.

Definitely decisions to be made here in the off-season. Is Patton a has been? Is Jabobs a never will be? Right now, it looks like "Yes" & "Yes"



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While I have been defending Taylor Jacobs left and right I do think Thrash is a better fit. James Thrash has been a number one reciever in this league before. He is clutch and makes good decisions. I still don't think we give up on Taylor Jacobs yet though.

Not hatin' here, but why anybody would defend Jacobs is beyond me. He has done absolutely friggin' nothing. Nobody can say he hasn't had his chances either. It will be good to see Mr. Everything James Thrash opposite of Moss again.

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