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Don't worry about the mediots jumping on the bandwagon...


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...because there are still plenty of them out there, hating.

Just check the picks from the USA Today, six "experts", 5 of them pick the Giants, straight up, don't even need the points.


And if you remember, Jeff Zillgitt, who, after the second week wrote:

"The worst 2-0 team: the Washington Redskins, way out in front of the other 2-0 teams."

Today, in his picks, the first sentence in Jeff's preview of Redskins-Giants is:

"The Giants are the better football team."


So, there's plenty of hating still going around.

btw, Jeff Zillgitt picked the Cowboys last week, too.

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Oh and one more of Jeff's picks this week, the Cowboys-Panthers:

"The Cowboys will not sleepwalk through this game like they did against Washington last week, but Dallas still has too many flaws right now to go on the road and beat a playoff team."

First, he attributes the Cowboys losing to what they did instead of what we did, then he says that the Cowboys are too flawed to beat a playoff team on the road. Yet he picked them to come to Washington and beat us last week. So we're obviously more flawed. :doh:

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Vinnie Iyers at sportingnews.com, as usual, picked against the Redskins this week, as well.


New York Giants at Washington. Eli Manning has struggled to find his accuracy and rhythm and protect the ball of late, and taking away last week's surprising rout of the Cowboys, so has Redskins counterpart Mark Brunell. Both passers will face plenty of heat this week, as 'Skins defensive coordinator Gregg Williams should call plenty of blitzes on Manning and Giants ends Michael Strahan and Osi Umenyiora won't give Brunell much time to throw.

That puts the game in the hands of the running backs and each passer's safety valves. Clinton Portis and H-back Chris Cooley are coming off dazzling games against Dallas, while Tiki Barber and tight end Jeremy Shockey have been the backbone for Manning. Barber has more versatility and is running better than Portis, and although Cooley scored three TDs last week, Shockey is more consistently dangerous on all parts of the field. Both teams have injuries in their front seven, but with Barber and Shockey, the G-Men are in better position to take advantage. Giants 20, Redskins 17.


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