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Whats at Stake on Saturday!!!!!!!!


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Ok first off id liek to congratulate all of u on the win against dallas just amazing unbelievable play and props to all the fans that showed up to just a great showing by every1. Now back to businesss i havent really sensed the same urgency from u guyz that this game means MUCH more to us then the Dallas game now. I mean sure emotionally we went all out on sunday but we r fans thats our job baby i for 1 will be making it back on saturday we need all of u to be there so wake up and lets go ....as for the wholl be rooting for this weekend itll be a little wierd if we want to go for the no 2 seed this is what we need 2 happen:


The panthers would not only need 2 lose this game at home against the cowboys but then lose on the road to the falcons . its not harder then one might think i know its doable but i cant see them losing to dallas at home still u never know what tricks parcells has left and surely hell pull them all out for this one.

Tampa Bay:

Just need 2 lose 1 of their remaining 2 games ofcourse wed all preer th siants 2 do that but in all honesty its not gonna happen. so u gonna have to look for the falcons to help u again


Will also have to lose their remianig conference games which is by far the hardest scenerio. To ask the packers after what happened on monday night to beat chicago is to me impossible . Then minnesotta who probably will be eliminated its hard. But hey its at lambeu favre last home game i think u just never know in the nfl.


ofcourse would have to lose out losing to us and then oak next saturday. Lamont might be able to play in a week moss looks healthy u just never know maybe they can pull it off they beat 2 nfc teams already hopefully they get their asses up for this one as they can play spoiler and get fired up


ofcourse we just have to win out plain and simple

That would put us atl car tb chi and nyg at 10-6 ...long list but wed get the nod and become the second seed

As for the second scenerio and to be honest the one iam rooting for just to clinch in the playoffs cuz anything can happen once ur in

we win and atl+dall +Minn lose this week thats what im hoping for i dont wanna be thinking about playoffs next week just thinking what we r gonna do..we have had small injuries we can rest up rogers can get another week of rest it would help us enormously just my thoughts

what do you guyz think of these scenerios? and realistically what do u think will happen

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I think Carolina will beat Dallas in Charlotte, The Falcons losing to the Buc's in Tampa, and I can see Minnesota losing at Baltimore. Hopefully the Ravens will beat the crap out of them like they did the Packers this past Monday. It's realistic that all 3 will go 1-1 or even 0-2 these last few games. In which case, we have to at least win 1 of 2. Although right now we have to have do everything we can to WIN OUT, which would put us in regardless anyone elses outcome. GO SKINS. :)

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