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Running sideways


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I know that everybody saw Santana Moss make that TD catch against "Big D" that was ruled short of the endzone, but I have not seen anything mentioning it. It was another unbelievable catch by Moss. He literally ran horizontally for about 5 yards, while everybody else was frozen in time, to pluck the inaccurate ball out of the air. Amazing catch ! The humorous thing about it was that the Redskins are so used to getting screwed by the refs that we didn't even try to challenge the call, we just said the hell with it and lined up and stuck it in anyway. That's just attitude. If we come out and play the Giants with the same intensity they are going down. By the way, were the hell did that defensive line come from and can we get them back this week ? :gaintsuck :gaintsuck :gaintsuck :gaintsuck

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I think he should have to be tackled for it not to be a touchdown. I mean in reality even if Glenn fell on him he didn't stop him with his back or elbow.

Either change that rule or make it to where you are down when you catch it and touch the ground with your knee or elbow. Some random defender falling on you shouldn't count as a tackle.

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