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Bad movies you watch anyway


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I might be alone in this but there are some obviously horrible movies that come on TV every now and then that I just can't help watching. The one that comes immediately to mind is, Killer Klowns from Outer Space - This movie is bad. Really bad. ...and I've seen it like 50,000 times.

Anyone else do this?

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Gleaming the Cube is awesome! Almost as good as Rad. Tell me you dont remember Rad.

Damn, im gonna have to dust off the old VCR now, I hope it hasnt biodegraded yet.

Rad was great! I love me some "Hell Track" and dang if Lori Loughlin wasn't hot in that movie.


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Stange Brew...............Bob and Doug McKenzie

Are you kidding? That was great. :applause:

What about those movies on the Lifetime channel? I'm ashamed to say it, but, they always suck me in, I just can't stop watching them. :doh:

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The Beastmaster.

That movie is so terrible, the acting is horrifying, the story is idiotic, the "name" actors can't seem to stop laughing (Like John Amos, who runs around the movie with a smirk on his face, or Rip Torn, who hams it up so much it becomes nothing short of hilarious.)

What makes me laugh even more is how many people I have met who think that movie is totally cool.

God it's awful,,, or as the Beastmaster would say when calling his eagle..

"Rraww! Rraww!"


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