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Advantages of a probowl snub


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Well, if anything motivates the modern player it's personal glory and money. The anti-Redskins bias has robbed some of our players of well earned incentive money. That should help inspire them. More importantly, those players now will have a lower cap number next year since they did not reach the Probowl and that isn't a likely to be reached incentive. So, to the players who got robbed and how can you say we haven't if we've had one of the top defenses for two years running and managed one player to be selected in two years at least it's an advantage to the front office.

Bit of a reach for a half full glass thought, but what they hey!

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Doc just mentioned that on the John Thompson show. Just think of how pissed Sean Taylor would be if he got snubbed later today. Also imagine how hard he'd play in effort to prove a point against the G Men. I kinda hope he get snubbed just to see who they'll have to take out on a stretcher this Saturday.


Just saw that they released some info at Redskins.com about who was picked and who didn't get in. I think we should have had more going to Hawaii but that's okay. It's just another sign that the league does not respect the team. Hopefully those that didn't make it will step it up this weekend against the Giants and put us a step closer to getting in the playoffs.

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