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Clinton...snubbed again.


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Clinton Portis has a solid year. Maybe he didn't score enough TDs. Alexander and Barber had great seasons. Portis couldn't have gone last year because he's yard per average was low. This year maybe the thought someone else was more deserving. I'm not complaining because Clinton has had a solid year for us, which is all that matters

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Warrick has had a really good year this year. I dont know if it is Pro bowl worthy because he always tires out by the third quarter, so the Falcons have to put in Duckett the rest of the game, but he has had a solid year.

Portis should have gotten it, but I cant complain too much. I think that he has Portis beat in all categories (yards, yards per carry, reception yards) except for touchdowns, which has to do with Duckett being there and the Vick factor with all the bootlegs.

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