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question regarding beer bottles with pennies


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They always take the plastic tops of my beers, guess no pennies for me.

Tell him you need it so that you don't spill your beer... if not when you buy beer inside you get to keep the top.

I do it all the time and it makes awesome noise! security doesn't mind at all.


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My experience is that the ushers don’t care. Our whole group used them and we made such a racket that the silent faux-fans in front of us got up and left (f*** them, go home and watch the game on your tv).

1) Use the wide mouth bottles.

2) You don’t even need to buy beer as the empty bottles are all over the place.

3) You can find bottle caps on the floor and even on empties on the way to your seat. I picked up 8 in one spot on the ramp from where the beer guy was standing selling beers.

4) Tell the beer guy why you want the top and I’ll bet he will give it to you.

5) Make sure your bottle is totally empty as any residual beer will dampen the noise it will make.

6) Don’t use it as a hammer because a banged up bottle does not make as much noise as a undamaged one.

7) Shake it up and down, not side to side, for the most noise.

8) Take change with you into the stadium so you don’t have to pan handle.

Be loud, be proud. Hail to the Redskins!!!

:gaintsuck :dallasuck :eaglesuck

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