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The Redskins Pro Bowl Thread(merged)


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how does eli manning get the most qb votes? he'll probably have the lowest qb rating of any pro bowl quarterback in 15 years!

Good for Cooley, he's the man.

moss will make it, portis will make it, taylor will make it.

jansen should make it, washington should make it.

brunell could but most likely won't make it


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Not really any "great" quarterback play in the NFC this season.

Actual QB's who have played this whole year (mostly)

Brunell -- Good, not great

Bledsoe -- Good, not great

Manning -- Good, not great media darling

Favre -- Interception machine

Hasslebeck -- Pretty good

Warner -- Good, not great

Vick -- Vickly

Delhomme -- Very hot and cold

Of those 8 QB's, I would choose Hasslebeck.




Splitting Time:



49ers assorted


Bulger - Out

Culpepper - Out

McNabb - Out

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i dont believe it this is rediculous i dont care if he's on pace for the most td passes for any second year qb he also has thrown a ton of ints....last time i checked his passer rating was below 80 he's a decent maybe above average qb at best...maybe somewhere down the road he'd be worthy of a pro-bowl but not this year no way MARK BRUNELL deserves it more his stats are A LOT better i cant believe this and eli was the top vote getter for NFC qb's above matt hasselback :doh: (enough said)

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wow his qb rating is five points lower than i thought everybody's on his **** about his td's but he's gotta be close to the top 5 for int's in the NFL this year thats not very impressive he may throw twenty before the year's over a 75 qb rating...yer kidding me

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Even though Cooley isn't a protypical fullback, he does many things the position calls for. He blocks and catches passes as well.

When Alsott made the probowl a few times, he made it as a fullback when his numbers were from running the ball from the tailback position. So if he can make it as a fullback when he didn't play that position all the time, why can't Cooley?

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So, I call on you loyal extremeskins.

My brothers feel that Chris Cooley doesnt deserve a pro-bowl nod because he "isn't a fullback."

Can you a) Define the H-back position and B) think of some evidence as to why he is more of a fullback than a tight end.


Cooley plays neither fullback nor tight end - He plays H-back. As a pass-catcher he is used more like a tight end, but as far as the playbook is concerned, he lines up much more like a fullback.

Robert Royal is clearly a tight end, and he almost always lines up on the line of scrimmage on the end of the line.

Mike Sellers is also listed as an H-Back, but I think most people watching the Redskins would call him a fullback. He almost always lines up in the backfield, and he is almost always lead blocking or running a flare route for a touchdown. However, sometimes he lines up offset from the line on the strong side for off-tackle plays, which is where you will see Cooley on most plays. Mike Sellers also catches a reasonable number of passes, and nobody would call him a tight end.

Cooley plays essentially the same position as Sellers, except that Cooley lines up close to the line more often and Sellers lines up behind the QB more often ... They are both in the backfield though and both a big part of the passing game. Cooley almost never lines up where Robert Royal would line up on the line of scrimmage. Royal and Cooley aren't really interchangeable, but you will often see Sellers and Cooley lining up in similar positions, especially on running plays. If Mike Sellers is a fullback, Cooley is a fullback too.

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