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REDSKINS vs GIANTS - karma thread


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ok, didnt see this up for this week yet, last weeks one went ok. Remember the only purpose of this thread is to say nice things about the Giants so we can rack up the karma. Ill start.

I like New York because I have a good friend from Staten Island. I also like the Giants because they are not from Dallas. Plus, they have those cool letters on their helmets. :doh: :cheers: I like the Giants because they are going to lose the rest of their games so that the redskins can win the East...

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i love ny b.c the parties and the women :D

i love ny b/c there is no longer any public transportation b.c the union wants to retire at 55

i love nyc b.c those with million dollar studios still have to put on a pair of sneakers and walk to work like everyone else

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Sorry for starting that thread with your picture, Eli. I hope you can forgive me, and I am sure that the outcome of the October 30th game gave you a real sense of retribution. The extra home game must have been nice too, and I hope that made you feel more comfortable in your new home at the Meadowlands.

And New York is truly a great city. They have suffered much, and their citizens aren't as mean as people say.

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NY has 3 good defensive players

NY has 1 good TE

NY has 1 good running back

NY has 1 good return guy

NY will visit DC on Christmas Eve and they will smile when they arrive.

And they will be grateful when they can ride our transit system..

And they will be grateful to our fans as we will be nicer during the day than thiers that night...

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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Delete thread, delete thread!! This was started in entirely the wrong fashion!

Only honorary_hog or georgiaskinsfan (sorry if I got your name wrong, buddy) with permission from hh can start the karma thread!!!

No more posting in this thread! Mods please close immediately! The karmic/cosmic balance of the universe is in jeopardy!!

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