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This is how it's all going to play out...


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This week...

Skins beat Giants

Panthers beat Girls

Bucs beat Falcons

Ravens beat Vikings

Bears beat Packers

Seahawks beat Colts

Next week

Giants beat Raiders (doh!)

Bears beat Vikings

Panthers beat Falcons

Bucs beat Saints

Redskins beat Eagles (barely...we rest starters in 2nd half)

Final Standings/Seeds

1. Seattle 13-3

2. Chicago 12-4

3. Carolina 12-4

4. NY Giants 10-6

5. Bucs 11-5

6. Redskins 10-6

We will travel to Carolina and the Bucs will travel to New York. I actually would like the Bears to drop a game so that they are the #3 seed and we would go to Chicago. I really like our chances against them more than Carolina. Of course, I will be rooting like heck for the Raiders and who knows?

If we are the 6th seed and win the Wild card game, we WILL be going to Seattle in the 2nd round...and hey, we WERE the last team to beat them...

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I think, in your scenario, the Giants would be 11-5, not 10-6...

You are right. If the Giants win 1 and lose 1 they are 11-5. Not 10-6. But if they do lose both, they will be 10-6. And if the G-men and the Skins are both 10-6, the Skins will be above the G-men because of division wins.

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Well at first I didn't see The Ravens beating the Vikings but, after last night and seeing them manhandle the Packers which I didn't believe they were going to beat even though the Packers have a poor record. I mean come on Favre/ Bollier who would you take ? So, I guess it's not impossible that the Ravens can beat the Vikings who probably will need this game.

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