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Here is VR SportsTalk's Week 15 Power Rankings


Rank (Previous) / Team / Record

1. (1) Indianapolis Colts (13-1) - A loss is a loss. The 13 game streak was nice, but I'm betting that the Colts have a bigger thing in mind now.

2. (2) Seattle Seahawks (12-2) - I harped on the Seahawks earlier this season for being one-sided. With Hasselback throwing like he is, this team is nearly unbeatable.

3. (3) Denver Broncos (11-3) - It took a half to shake off the dust from the Ravens a week earlier, but the important thing is that the dust did in fact come off.

4. (4) Cincinnati Bengals (11-3) - The only thing that wasn't in place for the Bengals on Sunday was a Chad Johnson prop.

5. (5) New York Giants (10-4) - Tiki Barber is really hitting his prime right now.

6. (8) Carolina Panthers (10-4) - The Panthers are the best, most consistent team in the NFC South.

7. (9) Chicago Bears (10-4) - As soon as Grossman walked on the field, This team became dynamic offensively.

8. (10) New England Patriots (8-5) - Sans coaching staff and key players of last year's team, the Patriots are still VERY dangerous.

9. (7) Jacksonville Jaguars (9-5) - One point win over the 9ers? Aesh. The 9ers are a team that has lost by 17+ points 7 times this year.

10. (11) Pittsburgh Steelers (9-5) - The Steelers are playing themselves into the playoffs on pure effort (see Roethlisberger's TD).

11. (12) San Diego Chargers (9-5) - A win over the Colts would taste even sweeter if the Chargers took care of business against the Dolphins.

12. (17) Washington Redskins (8-6) - When the 'Skins play like they did on Sunday, few teams can beat them. Complete and utter domination.

13. (6) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-5) - The Bucs are a tough team to predict. Some weeks they come to play, some weeks they don't.

14. (14) Kansas City Chiefs (8-6) - Big game against San Diego this week will determine if the Chiefs have anything left in the tank.

15. (15) Atlanta Falcons (8-6) - Cold weather or not, we haven't been buying Vick as a solid NFL quarterback all year.

16. (16) Minnesota Vikings (8-6) - The honeymoon with Brad Johnson ended on Sunday, but the Vikings are still a good team.

17. (13) Dallas Cowboys (8-6) - A loss as devastating as Sunday's could be the last nail in the coffin for this team.

18. (18) Miami Dolphins (7-7) - This team is going to be good next year, especially if they make the right choice at running back.

19. (19) Philadelphia Eagles (6-8) - Simply playing for pride now, the Eagles are showing a lot of character, considering they are without their starting QB, WR, and RB. Look for Moats to develop into a star.

20. (20) Cleveland Browns (5-9) - Next year's surprise team. The Browns are getting back on track.

21. (25) Baltimore Ravens (5-9) - Their type of win is what happens when a defense is confident in its offense and quarterback.

22. (21) St. Louis Rams (5-9) - It's hard to run a football team without a reliable quarterback.

23. (22) Arizona Cardinals (4-10) - Passing offense or not, the Cardinals are in need of a lot of help this offseason.

24. (23) Tennessee Titans (4-10) - For this young team to play the Seahawks as hard as they did is impressive.

25. (24) Oakland Raiders (4-10) - With two more losses, the Raiders could be in prime position to draft Leinart of Young.

26. (26) Buffalo Bills (4-10) - Talk about a disappointing year for Willis McGahee.

27. (27) New York Jets (3-11) - See two ranks above.

28. (29) New Orleans Saints (3-11) - This team is a reflection of its city: a mess. Here's hoping that the city can bounce back quickly.

29. (30) Green Bay Packers (3-11) - It sure was sad to see Favre on the bench last night.

30. (28) Detroit Lions (4-10) - Don't hate the players, hate the GaMe. Clever fans they got their in Detroit.

31. (32) Houston Texans (2-12) - Now why would you want to win that game?

32. (31) San Francisco 49ers (2-12) - I think I could see Bush in San Francisco easier than I could see him in Houston

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ESPN Rankings are up:

ESPN Power Rankings are up...


2005 Power Rankings: Week 16


1 (1) Colts 13-1-0 They're still clearly the top team as far as we're concerned. But the Chargers did show that Indy is at least a little vulnerable, when a week ago they looked invincible.

2 (2) Seahawks 12-2-0 Burning question: Does Mike Holmgren play Shaun Alexander (24) enough to break Priest Holmes' record for most TDs in a season (27)?

3 (3) Broncos 11-3-0 Add Wesley Duke to the list of former college basketball players now catching TDs for AFC West squads.

4 (4) Bengals 11-3-0 Another example of how far the Bengals have come: Chad Johnson is fourth overall and Carson Palmer sixth in fan balloting for the Pro Bowl. The Bengals have gone national.

5 (9) Patriots 9-5-0 The defense has been on fire. Two key players: Vince Wilfork, who has been a beast in the middle and Rosevelt Colvin, who has been nearly impossible to block.

6 (6) Giants 10-4-0 We mentioned it last week in this space, and after his performance against the Chiefs, the Tiki Barber for MVP train is picking up some steam.

7 (7) Panthers 10-4-0 Keep an eye on Drew Carter in Carolina. The second-year WR played for the first time Sunday and caught two balls (one a 40-yard completion in the first quarter). The Panthers need all the complimentary targets they can find opposite Steve Smith.

8 (11) Chargers 9-5-0 They could finish the season with wins over the Colts, Chiefs and Broncos, and still miss the playoffs. Seems unfair, but it's their own doing.

9 (8) Bears 10-4-0 Yes, Kyle Orton was playing bad, but that was still a gutsy call by Lovie Smith to bring in Rex Grossman. Smith might have won a few coach of the year votes with that move.

10 (12) Steelers 9-5-0 Steelers could get kicked in the gut by tie-breakers. If they finished tied with the Chargers and Jaguars at 11-5, the Steelers will be left in the cold, despite having beaten the Chargers earlier in the year.

11 (5) Buccaneers 9-5-0 Sunday's game was a vivid reminder that the Bucs have to be able to run the ball (only 30 vs. Patriots) to win.

12 (10) Jaguars 10-4-0 Jaguars keep playing down to their competition. But all they need is one win in their next two (at Texans, vs. Titans) to make the playoffs.

13 (17) Redskins 8-6-0 If the Redskins don't make the playoffs they're going to spend a lot of time thinking about blowing a 13-3 halftime lead at home against the Raiders.

14 (16) Chiefs 8-6-0 Last year, the Chiefs hired a new defensive coordinator. This year, they added four new defensive starters. The results: defense still stinks, ranked 28th.

15 (15) Falcons 8-6-0 Michael Vick certainly didn't look very comfortable in Chicago on Saturday night, did he?

16 (13) Cowboys 8-6-0 Bill Parcells must not have believed what he was seeing Sunday against the Redskins.

17 (14) Vikings 8-6-0 It's possible the Vikings could lose a game and still make the playoffs. But that's unlikely. They basically need to win their last two and even then they might not get in.

18 (18) Dolphins 7-7-0 How many people out there thought the Dolphins would have a realistic shot at finishing .500? Probably not many. Nick Saban will pick up some coach of the year votes.

19 (19) Eagles 6-8-0 Ryan Moats has been pretty impressive which is some positive news for Eagles fans. With Brian Westbrook as their feature back, Philly needs another solid back.

20 (20) Browns 5-9-0 What would top the Browns' road win in Oakland last week? Tripping up the Steelers on their way to a playoff bid this weekend.

21 (22) Titans 4-10-0 With the team still likely in rebuilding mode next offseason, one has to wonder: Did Steve McNair play his final home game at Adelphia Coliseum on Sunday?

22 (23) Ravens 5-9-0 The Ravens had only scored more than 20 points in one game before last night. Then they go out on MNF and set franchise records for points scored, touchdowns (six) and margin of victory.

23 (21) Rams 5-9-0 It's one thing for Steven Jackson to be the lead back over Marshall Faulk. But when Arlen Harris is chosen over Faulk (as he was on the final drive against the Eagles), something's wrong.

24 (25) Raiders 4-10-0 Collins, Tuiasosopo, Collins? Does it matter? About the only thing the team can count on is another top 10 pick ... and hiring of a new coach.

25 (26) Bills 4-10-0 If Saturday was Eric Moulds' last home game in a Bills uniform, then he gave Bills fans something positive (nine catches for 110 yards) to remember.

26 (24) Cardinals 4-10-0 About the only suspense in the desert: Which WR (Anquan Boldin or Larry Fitzgerald) is more likely to make the Pro Bowl team?

27 (29) Jets 3-11-0 They still need some help, but Jets fans can at least start dreaming (and it's a big dream at this point) of Reggie Bush again.

28 (27) Packers 3-11-0 As Mike Sherman said after the game, the Packers' loss to the Ravens on Monday night was tough to watch.

29 (28) Saints 3-11-0 Todd Bouman wasn't much better than Aaron Brooks, was he?

30 (30) Lions 4-10-0 Well, Lions fans have made it pretty clear that they don't want Matt Millen running their team. Will the Fords listen?

31 (32) Texans 2-12-0 If Reggie Bush really goes to the worst team in the NFL, he won't be playing in Houston next year ...

32 (31) 49ers 2-12-0 ... He'll be playing in San Francisco with his former high school teammate Alex Smith.

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ESPN pisses me off, they are always doing everything in the world to beat up the Redskins, they are always affraid to give them any credit!! Its always been that way. I hope everyone in the world underestimates the Redskins!! Its now a tool with Gibbs arround! Go Get'em men!! Lets make Eli eat the field, and Tiki get fumble disease!!!!!!!!!!


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I'll be thinking about the two games we blew ourselves (Raiders and Chargers) than the Bucs game.

The fact is, refs make mistakes...sometimes they hurt you and sometimes they work to your advantage. We've gotten both this year. We had no excuse to lose our two home games vs. the AFC West. That's our own fault.

Oh I agree.... that's why I said we'll be thinking about that a "little", implying we'd probably be thinking about those other two a lot :)

Refs calls go both ways.. but two in a row against us, directly affecting the scoreboard? That is ridiculous.

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FOX's Power Rankings are up...


I'm just going to post the order, not the comments. Some of the team's are ranked ridiculously, but you have to remember the rankings are compiled statistically rather than objectively, and that the latest games count for the most. So if the numbers say the Ravens are 14 (??!!), that's what they have to go by.

1. Colts

2. Broncos

3. Bengals

4. Giants

5. Chargers

6. Seahawks

7. Chiefs

8. Redskins

9. Panthers

10. Steelers

11. Jaguars

12. Bears

13. Patriots

14. Ravens

15. Vikings

16. Raiders

17. Cowboys

18. Falcons

19. Buccaneers

20. Eagles

21. Browns

22. Dolphins

23. Titans

24. Lions

25. Cardinals

26. Texans

27. Rams

28. Jets

29. Packers

30. Bills

31. Saints

32. Forty-Niners

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