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I made about $100 tonight, because of the Redskins, and I've never bet on football.

Mr. Nostril

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I deliver pizza at Papa John's. Due to our Redskin's special, we were very busy, and people were tipping well. I was called in early, and stayed late. Overall, I made about $100 more than I do on a normal Wednesday night.

I broke uniform to represent. I was wearing my knit Redskin cap. I met a cowboy fan. I told him we put some of our special crow topping on the pizza just for him. He laughed.

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Good! I was worried. I was hoping it wasn't a gambling thing. A big hit on the first try could get soemthing bad going. My friend recently blew $3,000 of he and his wife's $6,000 savings on slots in just a few hours when she was away for the weekend. Needless to say she crushed his balls and now he stays away from the gamblin boat. He was getting do out of control making return trips to the ATM on the boat that even the security guard standing next to the ATM mentioned "don't you think it's time to slow down buddy?"

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