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"Moving" Skins Game


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Well, it happened again. There I was in front of my TV, choked up with the hairs on my neck standing up watching a Skins game. Although I can never remember this happening in the past, perhaps because I was a bit too young to recognize the greatness I was witnessing during Gibbs' first term, it's the second time this year I was misty. The first, of course, was the miracle victory in Dallas on Monday night, and even that didn't get to me until I saw Joe Gibbs, arms outstretched looking for anybody to hug. I cried that night for Joe Gibbs. A man who able to give a big "F-U" (I know Joe would never say such a thing, but I would) to all the critics and mediots who bashed his comeback and questioned his abilities to coach again.

Last night, I was moved to tears not by Joe but by the "Redskins", the whole damn organization, from Dan Snyder to the sideline line ballboys I saw laughing and wooping it up with Greg Williams after another big defensive play. Seeing footage of the raucous crowd, the players so stoked they looked like they were gonna bust, for the first time reminded me of the glory days. For a brief second Fed-Ex was rocking like RFK in '82 and I was eight years old again. I've felt like a giddy kid all day.

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