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Twas the week before Christmas.....please add on


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Twas the week before Christmas and all across the nation, Redskin fans were finally ready to unleash all their frustration.

Release it on the Cowboys with a swift and mighty blow, send Parcells packing back to Dallas to kiss Jimmy Johnson under the mistletoe.

I would write more but I want to leave this open for the rest of Extremeskins to add on, please feel free but try to keep it in the Christmas spirit.

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Twas the week before christmas, and ripe off a win

the Redskins are hyped, to kill another twin,

they will come with the force, that bledsoe did feel,

Eli Manning shall become, FeDex's next meal....

Now this saturday, the game might be tough,

but i have the faith it will be loud enough,

A young QB head's into our house,

and Number 2-1 will make plax, glenn's spouse....

a real good game from our Redskins,

this will now be, 4 straight wins,

Portis will gallop, all the way to victory,

and come christmas day, giants become midgets to me!!!


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All the Analysts had hung the win in the Boys stockings with care, they didn't count on the Redskins knocking them clean out of their underwear.

Portis was running like a bat out of hell, Parcells was so upset he couldn't even yell

Meshawn was crying like Meshawn does, after Taylors hit on Glenn you could almost hear his head ringing with an audible buzz.

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Billy blows the kick, see Keyshawn holler.

And here comes Roy Williams with another horse collar.

As Parcells waddled off the field the earth began to quake.

That rotten b@stard couldn't even give Gibbs a handshake.

The scoreboard gleams...35-7.

A season sweep of the Cowboys and I'm in heaven.

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Twas the week before the rematch

With the team who beat us sound

But all through the message boards

Were no Giants to be found

As they watched us dismantle the team

Who hung with them strong

The Giants players were bummed

They'd have to hear that Redskins song

Little Eli shall find

A defense full of poise

Oh the crowd at Fed Ex

Will make so much noise

When the day is over

And the Skins have won the day

"Damn those Skins are good!"

Is all that they will say!

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