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We are on a playoff run, yes but the giants this week could be fatal. i mean last time we played them coming off a big win what happened? (the score shall not be remembered) We must find someway to win this game.

1. WE BEAT THE COWBOYS!!!! WHOOOO!!!! i am so happy its like the first time we swept them in what 10 years? I was so sick of them doing it to us. Take that u mongrels from Texas!!!! WHOOOO!!!!! im am so proud to be a skinz fan right now!

2. Tiki Barber has been on fire lately. He's running better than Shaun Alexander. If we shut him down less than 75 yards, and keep pressure on Eli than we should stand a good chance. Tiki sorry man but its christmas, and the redskins have been the less fortunate ones over the past couple of years so i hope we can get the present.

3. Randy Thomas will be missed. he was our most valued lineman in my opinion. but i have faith in the 40 year old Ray Brown. KICK SOME ASS FELLA!!

4. i think JOE SALEVEA is one big simoan who really puts a smile on my face every time he makes a big play and the get a close up on him. lol i dont know its like , its , its just great. and where did my man Griffin get those hands. GOOD JOB BUDDY. Also Sean Taylor is a madman and i love him for it!!

5. I think we have the LOUDEST and MOST FEARED stadium in the league!!!! Way to go guys. I just want to say thank u for giving your lungs up for our team. I would be i live 4 hrs away and i dont have tickets. I think next year i will have a chance to go to a game. i have been to one skins game when i was like 9. Skins vs. Lions. Gus ferotte at QB Terry allen at HB. we beat the lions 31-7. would have been a shutout but mr. Barry Sanders had to break like a 50 yard run near the end of the game. haha any of u who remember that or whatever tell me what year that was. THANKS.

6. Finally i think Joe Gibbs is a great coach. Very Welcomed back to the redskins. LEts go out and beat the giants for mighty JOE gibbs.!@!!!

:gaintsuck :gaintsuck :gaintsuck :gaintsuck :point2sky :point2sky :point2sky :point2sky :point2sky :point2sky :point2sky :point2sky :point2sky :point2sky

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