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I was just thinking about Gibbs...


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I was just thinking about Joe Gibbs, and it occurred to me that he may be the best-loved coach in the NFL today...heck, maybe ever. Sure, many teams have coaches that are respected and admired by their fans, but has there been any other NFL head coach that creates the kind of fan affection that Gibbs does???

Maybe I'm biased because I'm a Redskins fan 4 LIFE, and believe that Gibbs is the smartest and most gifted coach ever to grace the NFL with his presence, but I'm just in awe of how everything the man touches turns to gold...he not only has three Super Bowl rings, he also has three NASCAR championships! Nobody else in history can claim that...nobody!

:cheers: GIBBS IS DA MAN!!!:cheers:

(like you needed me to tell you all that, heh heh) :D

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It helps that Gibbs is a lifer here. Good guys like Vermeil or Dungy have moved from team to team, so they don't have the life-long base Gibbs has. I'd say maybe Cowher's support is similar to Gibbs', but that's just a guess.

Marv Lewis, if he stays in Cincy, will get there someday. Bengal fans are even more starved than we've been.

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Do you ever get the sense from interviews, facial expressions, and just in the tone and phrasing of some of his comments, that Parcells knows that despite his coaching accomplishments he doesn't get the kind of love and appreciation form people that Gibbs and certain other coaches receive, and that he wishes for it at times?

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You're not alone, NOVA. Found myself thinking about this last night. With apologies for the bump ...


Dear Coach Gibbs,

... I hope that, deep down on a purely personal level, you are aware of the level of respect, affection and admiration that so many tens of thousands of us—those who generally don’t attempt to yell for your attention over the crowd—have carried, and will carry for the rest of our lives, for what you have already done, what you are waist-deep into trying to do again, and for simply being who you are with so many bearing witness.

I hope you are aware of the countless parents who now sit with another generation of children, and offer object lessons in life—about honesty, dedication, preparation, humility and so much more—by pointing to you and your work, and saying, without reservation, “there ... that is what we’ve been talking about all these years.”

I won’t further embarrass you with my sometimes overly dramatic prose. And I won’t chance cheapening the sentiments herein by calling you a hero, because I know you’d reject the characterization out of hand. But I will unreservedly call you an example; an example of how one can live one’s life with conviction, sincerity, and remarkable humility in the face not only of outrageous success, but preposterous levels of scrutiny and often misinformed, unfounded criticism.

There are many tens of thousands of generally silent fellow human beings out here who consider it an honor to have the opportunity to watch you live your life up close again, sir. That you’ve chosen to do so on behalf of our favorite sports team is simply icing on the cake.

I wanted to be sure you knew that.

With warmest regards,

Mark Steven

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The thing about Gibbs is he puts God first in everything he does and like the earlier post said everything else follows. I was just sitting here thinking about how worried he was about the Dallas player being injured and he said that he would pray for him and Randy. But overall Gibbs is just a classy guy and I think everyone would love to have a coach like Gibbs around. On another note :dallasuck and for this week :gaintsuck

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