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WP: Zero to Hero: Brunell Finds Groove


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Zero to Hero: Brunell finds groove


Zero to Hero: Brunell Finds Groove

QB Rebounds From Poor Outing With Four TDs

By Eli Saslow

Washington Post Staff Writer

Monday, December 19, 2005; Page E12

Mark Brunell had never experienced such an intense difference from one week to the next, he said. Last night, the Washington Redskins quarterback hugged teammates and celebrated a four-touchdown masterpiece. Eight days ago, he bemoaned a three-interception, no-touchdown game that could have turned out even worse.

The contrasts between those two performances created a mind-boggling gap, but Brunell offered only the most simple of explanations after a 35-7 victory over the Dallas Cowboys yesterday.


Wow, the Washington Post actually wrote something productive about the Redskins! Now we just need Sally Jenkins to crawl out of her hole and eat her crow....


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That piece had a lot to say about the QB play to date, and the shifting context of how it is percieved and evaluated. I'm glad he knew that first half against the Cards was one of his worst. :laugh:

I've already seen people knocking him for only having 163 yards in a blow-out.

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