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recipe for beating Giants?


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I feel it's going to start with gettin consistent, ruggid, death-defying pressure on Manning. This is key because they will try some screens, maybe a few end arounds, to alleviate the pressure. If the front 4 are being pit bulls like yesterday then the biltzing will be slight & we can really hold the fort down & defend well against mid passes. Taylor will have to keep an eye on Burress due to his height. I would like to see Rogers back so jam him @ the line and anything else Taylor cleans it up. I actually expect our offense to have a beautiful mix of pass/run run/pass because NY rookie corners haven't had none of Cooley, Santana, and this is a great time for Farris to step up. Even Jacobs but I believe Farris will relish the opportunity more. A.Brown the speedster giving us excellent field position with his wonderful returns. This is how i see it going down. Anything to Shockey Taylor shuts it down. O yea and it's already a must to shut Tiki down to less than 100, and if we on our A+ game less than 50

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