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WT comments support WR shuffle, Doering included

Zen-like Todd

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Craaazy stuff guys. Really.

Washington also must decide on its receiver rotation, with Derrius Thompson starting alongside Rod Gardner against Tampa Bay. Thompson appears to be a front-runner to start after entering the preseason uncertain of even making the roster. Thompson has 16 receptions for 307 yards and four touchdowns after catching only three regular-season passes last year.

Chris Doering may be the third receiver over Jacquez Green and Kevin Lockett, also catching 16 passes for 210 yards and one touchdown.

"Chris runs very good routes, has excellent hands, loves to compete,'' Spurrier said.

Darnerien McCants, who was inactive for each game last season as a rookie, may have gained an edge over Reidel Anthony for the final receiver slot. McCants' seven catches for 110 yards and three touchdowns have drawn raves from Spurrier.

That's pretty close to what Keim said.

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Unlike any team in the NFL, you're going to see a team that consistently utilizes four WR's on its roster, and puts 5 or even 6 different WR's on the field for at least 4-6 plays each game.

I can easily envision a scenario wherein our top 4 WR's each have at least 35-40 receptions by the end of the year. However, that also means that we won't have anyone with more than 65-70 catches and 1100 yards, tops.

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Although I don't want to become completely one dimensional (i.e. always running the 4 WR set) ... it can be a very effective tool if we are legitimately 4 WR's deep. In essence, it lets us take their two best DB's out of the game, and focus passes on our 3 & 4 WR's, where they probably have a better mismatch.

In a funny sort of way, it simplifies the game, breaking it down to 9 on 9. Kind of like checkers, where each side agrees to take 2 of their checkers off of the board, and play the game 9 instead of 11.

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Originally posted by airGatorSkins96

The last team to have 3 wr's with 1000 yards was the skins!

With Monk, Clark, Sanders I believe that was in 89 or 90

1989 Redskins

I'm not necessarily referring to 4 WR sets, although I'm sure we'll see our share of those. Rather, I'm referring to rotations of WR's into and out of the lineup to account for game situation or to match up with specific defensive players.

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I see a 3 wide receiver set being the norm.

A lineup of Gardner, D Thompson and Doering/D Mac also gives us capable blockers so we can have successful running plays out of the formation.

A WR set with Gardner,Thompson, with Doering and Green in the slot is potentially devastating and should be fun to see in the openening game.

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