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God Bless Dall err Texas


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This has been a terrible weekend for the people in Texas, where football is a religion.

Some College Football pundits predict a Trojan rout of the Longhorns.

Hollywood hypes a movie that caters to 1 to 5% of the population challenges the Alpha Male status of the Marlboro Man.

Then the climatic end of the weekend is a manhood crushing post season eliminating 35-7 beyo.... slappin at Fed Ex Field without star linebacker Lavar Arrington, Top Rookie corner Carlos Rogers and a depleted WR Corps.

A series of events like this can really damage the psyche of millions in that State so with the compassion of others and Santa providing you with a Ray of hope, to be used in the offseason, hopefully you won't leap from that first floor window out of anguish.

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