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thanks to the skins players, all the fans, and to everyone......i was up in 308 and I had the time of my life.........

thanks to all the players who put everythign on the line........thanks to all the fans who made it a blast.......I am just very very thankful......tonight was a night i will never forget......unbelievable time...... :notworthy

skins fans can not be topped........best in the league......congrats to all you guys, was an amazing night

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I think the fans had more to do with the win than they realize. I watched the game on TV since I'm overseas and I could tell that from the beginning Dallas was totally disoriented because of the noise and intensity of the place. That drive where the refs tried to get them back into the game would have ended with a Dallas TD if not for all the noise. It would have been 7-7 at that point and who knows what would have happened.

I missed all of the game from when it was 14-0 due to my job though but I am sure that the crowd was huge in this game. And the players played much better because of the support.

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