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Salisbury and TJ to talk about best and worst


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Salisbury opted to pick Marvin Lewis for "what he's done over the past 3 years." He's so against the Skins, he went outside the parameters of the question to avoid naming them as his best.

Yup -- T J didn't even MENTION the game and the only thing Salisbury said was that Dallas should have stayed in the hotel room bc they laid down for the skins --- not one positive word about us. Seemed like he was saying "I'm really ashamed of you bc we all know how much better u are than the skins so u shouldnt have let this happen....." I got news for you -- the REDSKINS MADE IT HAPPEN !!!!!

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Let's just face it, we got lucky last time against the Pukes, and this time, the Pukes didn't even show up, so they are obviously the superior team. :rolleyes:

Those two guys are the WORST analysts in football, so it is not surprising in the least that they would say this.

Good analysts include Jaws, Ditka..

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