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Dallas tied for second place with the Redskins in the NFC East??


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This is actually my first posting and I am not sure if this has been covered in another thread but my question is simple. I was reading the writeup of the game today, that we dominated go Redskins, and the writeup done on the redskins website it says that we are in second place alone since we swept the Dallas Cowboys in the series meaning we win the tiebreaker. Hopefully so far I understood this correctly. However on the Dallas website, their writeup of the game is totally different, other then the part that says we dominated, and it says:

Sunday's loss means the Redskins (8-6) are now tied with Dallas (8-6) for second place in the NFC East.

Now I am wondering who is right. I know that next week all this could mean nothing if we lose to the Giants, yeah right, and the Cowboys win, yeah right again. BUT I know that as of RIGHT NOW we "should" be the only ones in second place... Is this correct? Could someone clarify this for me. I know that it seems really unimportant to some of you who know way more then I do about Football but I am just trying to learn. Thanks!

btw -> :dallasuck

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I wrote an email to the author of that article on Dallas' website about this and I am curious as to what his reply will be. I will post an update when/if I get an answer back from him. I just want him to realize his mistake since we are ALONE in second place and they need to realize that third place is their home this week. :silly:

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