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The Sean Salisbury/Dallas Love Affair


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I didn't understand that either, Dallas a team that will still make the playoffs?? I just about threw my soda at the TV when he said that. How does he figure Dallas will still make the playoffs?? 9-7 ain't gonna do it, and that's about the best they can hope for with a loss coming up against Carolina.

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What is with this guy and the Cowboys? On ESPNews' "the Blitz" one of his closing points was how terrible the Cowboys played today (gives no credit to Skins) then says the Cowboys are "probably a team that still makes the playoffs." What a toolbag.

Did he fail to mention that the Skins are now ahead of Dallas???

Incredible. But trust me, after this win, we will be reading some very positive stuff in the media about us tomorrow.

Now we just have to beat NY to win even more mediots over.

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